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Flight Club Social Entertainment Design

OBJECTIVE Flight Club is a beautiful award-winning bar with a unique darts / digital game experience with several multi-player games, that asked me to roll out their brand collateral within every business channel and help launching new venues: from venue experience, internal engagement to digital UX and social media and print.

SOLUTION I was responsible for implementing a brand consistency in an organised manner that would make the brand scalable for their growing franchise business and clear for both the studio team and remote franchise teams.


- Brand Channel styleguides

- Product and Game UX Design - Scalable Brand Operation tools - B2B Strategy & engagement comms

DIGITAL DELIVERABLES - Customer journey strategy & design

- Website and Digital platform designs

- Digital & Affiliate branding & campaigns - Marketing / Social Media campaigns & Filters - Game / FB interface & Staff screen Design

- Pre-, During & Post Event communications


- Game screens interface design

- Digital tools and Training/Set up toolkits

- Customer User tool communications

- Recruitment channel design

PRODUCT & INTERIOR DESIGN - Integrated Experiential design

- Scenic & interior feature design

SOCIAL MEDIA TOOL DESIGN - Design for new shareable summary of your FLIGHT CLUB STORIES’

- Camera footage and engaging teamplayer game data capture journey

- Post-event Microsite & in-app platform design


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